Our Services Charges

We at Optimum Healthcare Limited understand that costs for your care require serious consideration for you and your family, hence it is of paramount importance to consider your care funding options in order to decide on whether or not home care is the right choice for you. However recent research shows that live in care in the comfort of your home offers comparable costs to many care homes, while providing you with a lot of flexibility and person centred care.

Optimum Healthcare 24 hour Live in costs

Our 24 hour live in costs differ depending on your healthcare needs and the support you want. Our care packages range from Low Level Care to Intensive Level Care. We will discuss the level of care that is right for you and whether the cost of home care services provided is financially sustainable for you and your loved ones.

  • Our live in rate starts from £499 per week depending on level of care.
  • Our hourly rates are from £14.10 - £17.20 per carer depending on needs.

Whether your care is paid for by private or public funds, we can deliver a high quality homecare service to you, tailored to your individual requirements. If you would like to receive a quote for our care at home service, based on your individual care needs, please contact our Consultation and Assessment Team and we will arrange a free no obligation assessment.

Funding for your care is provided through Private and Public funding means. We have provided details below for you to explore.

Private Funding

This type of funding is when you decide to fund your care privately. You will need to source your care independently, hence you have the added advantage of getting the care you want at the time that you need it without having to wait from assessments from social services. There are a number of different public funding options available, which you may qualify for.

Direct Payments

This is payment from Social Services. If an assessment by a local council shows that care services should be provided, you or the person you are looking after, have a right to ask for a direct payment instead of having the service arranged by a local council. This cash payment allows you to organise care services yourself, enabling you to choose the services that are appropriate.

Some people use the money to buy care from an agency whilst others will directly employ their own staff, or pay members of their own family to do the care. If you receive Direct Funding from your Local Authority to pay for Care at Home, you can choose which Care Provider you use and change your provider at any time. For more information visit: Click Here.

To apply for funding visit: https://www.gov.uk/apply-direct-payments

Continuing Care (Health Funding) NHS

Continuing Healthcare is the name given to a package of care which is arranged and funded by the NHS for individuals outside of hospital who have ongoing healthcare needs. This means that you will receive care and support to meet your assessed needs at no cost to you.

To be eligible for NHS continuing healthcare, you must be assessed by a team of healthcare professionals (a “multi-disciplinary team”) as having an enduring mental and physical health problems.

Independent Living Fund

Funded by Central Government, the Independent Living Fund supports people with disabilities to live independently in their own homes, rather than in residential care. Payments are made to people with disabilities so they can afford the employment costs, or associated employment costs, of a personal assistant or care agency to provide the support they need to remain living at home. There are many things which the fund cannot be used to pay for, to understand what cannot be paid for with the fund; you can read more on the Government website.